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We deliver high quality and cost effective measurement and control systems for agricultural and environmental applications. MeasureTek solutions have been used in hundreds of different applications including:

• Soil moisture monitoring • Automated irrigation contro • Surface water flow and water quality measurement for chemical application site compliance • Bridge monitoring • Phytoremediation • Oil & gas • Storm water • Waste Water • Wind energy

Result X™
The ResultX™ System is a web-based, hosted, graphical user interface, database, control and alarm system for automated measurement stations and networks.

Custom Solutions
From Agricultural to Wind Energy and everything in between, MeasureTek specializes in the specification, implementation and support of highly reliable, cost-efficient data collection and control systems.

Full Service Integration
MeasureTek is a full-service systems integrator offering services ranging from system specification and design, "turn-key" system delivery, to maintenance and calibration services.