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About Us

In 1991 Rob Hibbs founded MeasureTek with a focus on the delivery of high quality and cost effective measurement and control systems for agricultural and environmental applications.  MeasureTek solutions have been used in hundreds of different applications including:

  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Automated irrigation control
  • Surface water flow and water quality measurement for chemical application site compliance
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Phytoremediation
  • Oil & gas
  • Storm water
  • Waste Water
  • Wind energy

Innovative development and integration of both hardware and software have been hallmarks of MeasureTek since its founding.  Software development has included the standardized "ResultX" database, which was developed to import, report and archive data from MeasureTek monitoring systems.  MeasureTek also developed "PConnect" and "PConnectCE", which were data monitoring, viewing and collection programs for the original Palm handheld devices.  MeasureTek subsequently created versions of both "PConnect" and"PConnectCE" for the Microsoft Windows Mobile Platform for pocket PCs and rugged handheld devices.  MeasureTek has also done custom software development, including handheld data access programs for the US Bureau of Mines and the National Weather Service as well as numerous custom database applications.

Hardware development has included the creation of 16 and 32 port controllers for the irrigation industry that are still utilized today.  This controller can be tied to any monitorable variable, such as soil moisture and temperature to provide for frost and sunburn control.  MeasureTek is also a leading provider of wireless communication services, including UHF/VHF radio, satellite, unlicensed spread-spectrum radio as well as other proprietary technologies.  MeasureTek was a pioneer in the development and deployment of weather stations, including maintenance and calibration services, within the landscape industry, and is a factory resource for both Rainbird and Toro.

With a desire to grow the company to meet evolving data integration and development capabilities, MeasureTek merged with Progressive Software Solutions, Inc. in 2011.

In 2012, Progressive Software Solutions merged with Aseco Integrated Systems to form Callisto Integration Corporation.