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Hardware & Software

MeasureTek integrates various monitoring, control and communication hardware integrated with control, display, and reporting software tools that provides a complete solution that meets your specific requirements and budget.  MeasureTek sells proven, highly reliable solutions; not a box of parts that you have to assemble and configure!


The specifics of your application will determine the type of measurement and communication equipment to be utilized.  The heart of most systems is the data logger, and MeasureTek exclusively utilizes data loggers and Remote Transmission Units (RTUs) made by Campbell Scientific, Inc. 

Campbell Scientific's data logger and RTU hardware offers many features and benefits, including:

  • High Reliability -With Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) as high as 800 years, Campbell Scientific data loggers and RTUs are the perfect choice for applications that demand high reliability and availability.
  • Reliable On-Board Memory - The built-in memory and data processing capabilities of the Campbell Scientific dataloggers and RTUs allows them to reliably buffer and pre-process data, making them ideal for remote applications with limited or infrequent data communications.
  • Very Low Power Consumption - Requiring only 12Vdc and with extremely low power consumption, Campbell Scientific data loggers and RTUs are perfect for remote, battery or solar powered installations.
  • Simple & Rugged - Designed to operate reliably in harsh environments, Campbell Scientific data loggers and RTUs can handle whatever Mother Nature dishes out!  From temperature extremes, high moisture and humidity or corrosive environments, MeasureTek has a solution that fits!

Depending on your needs, a MeasureTek solution will include other hardware elements, including communication modems and field measurement devices.   A variety of communications options are available, including licensed and unlicensed radio, cellular phone, and satellite.

For more information on MeasureTek data communications options, please visit our Data Communications [Link to Products>Data Communications] section.

MeasureTek provides sensors for a wide-range of environmental, water resource and industrial monitoring applications, and all sensors are designed for long-term installation in adverse environmental conditions. 

MeasureTek has the sensor technology needed for your application, from air temperature and humidity to conductivity; dissolved oxygen to digital cameras; strain gauges to hydraulic pressure; water level and flow to complete weather stations.

Protecting your solution from the elements is a critical part of the MeasureTek solution.  MeasureTek can offer a range of standard and custom enclosure options that meet any application requirement.   Our standard enclosures are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions typically found with remotely located measurement systems.  Enclosures are NEMA 4x/6P rated and made of fiberglass-reinforced composites that make them dust-, corrosion-, and waterproof.  Enclosures are available with a wide range of wiring options to support antenna, sensor and power connections.  Enclosure mounting options include wall-, mast, pole- and tripod-mounts. 

A system's power supply is one of the most critical components in any monitoring and control application.  All of MeasureTek's systems utilize a battery as their primary power source.  Standard options include redundant batteries and 120VAC and solar charging solutions.  We can specify and supply all solar power and battery bank requirements.


A typical MeasureTek system, as shown below, utilizes communications, database, and data visualization software elements to provide the data collection, data delivery and reporting functionality required by our customers.  These software elements will typically reside on a single PC known as the MeasureTek Server.

Using field-mounted data loggers and RTUs and application-appropriate communications technology, the MeasureTek Server handles all device polling and communications tasks and stores the resulting data in the SCADA Repository database.  MeasureTek leverages Microsoft technologies, first by utilizing Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 as its database, and secondly by using Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide secure and reliable data communication and delivery for hosting web-based access to system data and reports. 

The use of web-based data delivery and control of your system data means that MeasureTek solutions allow you access in the way that's easiest for you.  Whether it's from a new or existing desktop or laptop computer or via a tablet device or smart phone, MeasureTek has the solution that's right for you.  For more information on MeasureTek data delivery and reporting functionality, please visit our Data Delivery and Reporting [Link to Products>Data Delivery & Reporting] section.